STEP ONE: Love your fandoms!
Each month features a different fandom from books, TV & movies! If you love it, chances are we do, too!

*FUNKOS NOT INCLUDED IN BOX. They are just here to decorate the photos. These are not hand lettered, and therefore not included in the box.

STEP TWO Subscribe!


Your Nerdy Post will be filled with 5-7 exclusive items featuring original, hand-lettered and illustrated quotes, symbols, images, etc.


Subscriptions auto-renew every month. If you don't want a particular fandom, you can choose to skip that month rather than cancel your subscription!

STEP THREE: Spread the nerd!

Use the hashtag #NerdyPost on Instagram and let us know what you thought of your new fandom merch! We love seeing your photos and hearing what you think about the products!

Every month features these high-quality items {and more}!

More information you might want to know:

Subscriptions automatically renew on the 25th of each month. Boxes ship around the 14th of each month. Themes are announced at the start of each month for the following month. {For example, if you order in October, you will receive the November box}. If you wish to cancel, you may do so at any time by logging into your account and following the cancellation steps. Canceling does not void the initial purchase or any boxes that have renewed. You may also choose to skip a month instead of cancelling by simply logging into your account and changing your next renewal date.